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Until recently, same-gender interests were comparatively rare.

The Japanese version of Beast Wars had Airazor as a male, making his relation with Tigatron the first known instance of a homosexual Transformer couple.

and this relationship was not the first either have had, and Chromedome may or may not have been dating Prowl before that.

The real-world explanation for the overall scarcity of anything specific between two of the same gender is that Transformers above all exists to sell toys to children and so has to play in on the wishes and expectations of the assumed general audience.

These become more frequent as the gender balance becomes less even, even if that is a direct result of Transformers allegedly being genderless.

Third in line come "couples" that consist of a Transformer fawning over a not-living object, often regarding it as of the opposite gender.

Others really don't care about the brand beyond it.

Regardless of opinions, Transformers engaging in or pursuing interaction of a romantic nature is a well-established element in pretty much every continuity.

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