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It is prudent on your part to make a huge advance payment only when you are satisfied with the authenticity of the documents.Once you make a hefty payment while signing the sale agreement and later encounter problems, you and your family may feel insecure till you get back the amount. Suppose, if he returns that money in installments, then your plans of buying another property will go awry. One of my client narrates the experience of his friend who had made a hefty advance payment while signing the sale agreement.On the day of registration, another person showed up claiming that the property belongs to him too. Later, the old man returned the customer’s money but I could not recover my money,” he said that in one deal, he had to obtain the signature of 17 persons. It should be stated in it that they are interested in buying a particular property and if any other person had a claim on the property he/she should bring it to the notice of the advertiser.Verify/scrutinise documents in the initial stages itself Pay advance only after seeing the original documents. Always ensure that you are dealing with the right owner.He said that due to some personal problems he had not paid the property tax for a couple of years.He told me to pay the tax so that I can take it back once the property is sold. All of them say that if anyone has an iota of doubt on the documents they are dealing with, they should release an advertisement in a newspaper.They obtained a copy of the document by claiming that the original was lost.Even then, when they attempted to dispose of the property, they could not do so as the first wife’s children always came in the way.

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“Many buyers rejected the offer as they perceived it to be an insecure investment,” he says.His advice: always approach the rightful owner of the property.One of my client, a real estate agent, has an interesting story.However, they also add that after the technological improvements brought about by successive governments in the registration process (the encumbrance certificate will have the photographs and thumb impressions of the sellers and the buyers each time the property changes hands), such experiences are on the ebb.Yet, some gullible persons could fall prey to the machinations of others, they point out.

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