Atlantic online dating monogamy

Like its addicting matches, the “chat” function of dating apps also has a hidden dark side.

Back at home, Emily and I discuss her approach to “chatting” with other Tinder users.

Yes, unbelievably this too used to happen long before online dating. Many assume monogamy is a “natural” state, one to which everyone naturally gravitates – unless they have “issues”.

“It’s a game, like Fruit Ninja,” she says playfully. In a study conducted at the University of Amsterdam in 2015, researchers found that “entertainment” and “passing time” are the most significant reasons young adults use Tinder.

), or we grow up and realize having sex with another is not the earth-shattering, life-altering, relationship-ending event we have made it out to be.

In fact, if given the chance, it’s usually quite the opposite.

The app operates by giving users a stack of pictures to sift through; if one likes what they see, they swipe right over the image, if they do not, they swipe left and move on.

When two users mutually swipe right on each other’s photographs, “it’s a match!

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