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keywords=SW006021-VM Evaluation licenses are valid up to 60 days and cannot be evaluated any further after this time frame.After the evaluation period, you may purchase a MPLAB XC compiler from Microchip Direct or a distributor if you want to maintain the same PRO optimization features.Commercial use of PRO and FREE mode compiler is permitted , plus all devices products are supported by PRO and FREE mode compilers.

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Part-support updates are available free of charge - no HPA is required.Use "Text to DDL" to quickly build your schema objects from text.Use this panel to try to solve the problem with other SQL statements (SELECTs, etc...). Share your queries by copying and pasting the URL that is generated after each run.PRO license is available for designs that require maximum code reductions and best performance.The MPLAB XC C Compiler contains a free, 60-day trial of a PRO license for evaluation when activated.

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