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Tallinn Pride coordinator Lisette Kampus believes that Baltic people are generally very tolerant of sexual minorities: "It's not fair to say they aren't gay-friendly, they are.

The objectors are a small minority who is really radically against gay issues, and they have a very loud voice.

Since joining the EU, the bad track record of the Baltic countries with regard to sexual freedom has been exposed, thanks largely to incidents in Latvia which have gained international criticism.

Riga's 2005 Pride Parade was attacked by feces-slinging hooligans, and 2006's event was cancelled outright.

It is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of their identities, to come together and show their solidarity toward LGBT people and support a caring and tolerant society.

Baltic Pride is a tradition initiated in 2009 by Mozaika (Latvia), Lithuanian Gay League, Tolerant Youth Association (Lithuania) and Estonian Gay Youth.

Kapp - Tallinn's oldest and most famous gay club is also one of the most exclusive places in town G-Punkt - Discreet, back-door club favored by locals Ring Club - Gay Club and sauna for men only!

Yet, this year they did it a little bit differently. Following this tradition, a free open air concert toked place on the 11th of June 2011.Many elderly Estonians still carry this communist-era intolerance with them, viewing homosexuality as a disease.Homosexuality was not legalised in Estonia until 1992.There was also another gay bar over the road from X-Baar that you had to press a buzzer to enter but it was only open at weekends. Check the Taipei Gay Parade and you will realize w' I am talking about. The cocktail takes its name from Eton College and from the college’s alumni, who are often referred to as Old Etonians, usually wearing their old school tie, which looks like this: Yes, think Sebastian Flyte and Anthony Blanche and you begin to get the picture.

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