Dating website fake profiles cam real sex

You should still be wary of photos that look a bit too professional, but increasingly scammers will make use of stolen photos of real people.This activity has been made possible by the rise of social media where people share a wealth of picture material featuring themselves and their lives.The female profiles will have pictures of young and beautiful women, while the male profiles mostly will have photos of more mature men, good-looking, but not model material.When reviewing a a picture that just seems wrong, moderators can do a Google search to see if the images show up somewhere else.We also want to talk a bit about which automation rules can be set up to keep scammers off your site in the first place.Here is a lot to look out for so to make it more manageable we have divided the scam markers into 4 different categories: language, message content, profile and geolocation.The male profiles will emphasize that they are family oriented, successful and loyal.

Furthermore a good chunk of the fraudster are part of a bigger scam organization.

He will however suggest that the profile of his potential victim profile made him believe in love again.

This way the victim is made to feel special and needed.

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Take a look: Dating profiles carry a wealth of information and as such it’s a great place to look for scam markers.

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