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Here are a few observation/ask examples: Observation: Your date picked the restaurant. If they connect you with positive feelings, then they will most likely want to see you again.If you spend your date debating tough subjects like religious affiliation, or a bad break up, your date will think back on you in conjunction with those difficult topics.The bridge does not originate any traffic of its own; like a repeater, it only echoes what it hears from other stations.(That last statement is not entirely accurate: Bridges do create a special Ethernet frame that allows them to communicate with other bridges, but that is outside the scope of this article.) Remember how the multiple access and shared medium of Ethernet meant that every station on the wire received every transmission, whether it was the intended recipient or not?Something as simple as, “I really love those shoes you are wearing tonight.” or, “That color looks really amazing on you! ” Tip 6 – Keep It Light We’ve all read enough dating columns to know that politics, religion, and talking about your ex are date conversation no-no’s, but do you know why?” can be a great way to connect and get a conversation flowing. It goes deeper than trying to avoid conversational conflict.

One goal of the bridge is to reduce unnecessary traffic on both segments.

If the destination address is that of station C or D, or if it is the broadcast address, then the bridge will transmit, or forward the frame on to segment 2.

By forwarding packets, the bridge allows any of the four devices in the figure to communicate.

All it takes is a little extra thought behind the questions you ask.

An experiential or exciting question like, “What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

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