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The Simms Hall of Fame requires the ascent of 2000 British Simms.Completions of the Munros (with Tops and Furths) are recorded by the SMC.The database is provided in two principal formats: an Access database, from which Excel and csv versions are derived, and an online database accessible at Hill Bagging.

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Significant changes to hill lists (except for Tumps below 500m and subs) between releases are communicated via newsflashes on this site.It excludes subs, Marilyn and Hump Twin Tops and a few historic and subjective lists (Bridge, Buxton & Lewis, Dillon, Trail 100).More information on the individual lists is given in Definitions and Background. For example, the Marilyns are a subset of the Humps, the Grahams are a subset of the Marilyns, and many lists are subsets of the Tumps.Where a list author has chosen a different location for the summit, we record this in the database.In cases where the locations could be regarded as separate summits we list the hills separately.

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