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I'm not too familiar with Kramer guitars, but for 100 chedda it sounds like a good deal to ad to my collection. It takes him 3 days to email responses so this transaction is running pretty slow. Usually, they sport a first letter, then have another letter prefixing the number.Does anybody have info on this guitar and/or have any experience with it. But, yeah, I believe the German OFR is worth 0 by itself. ex: A A1234 - Bxxxx - early '81-early' 83 Range - B0001-9999 Notes: 1982-84 "Classic", "Chicken Beak" headstocks (B2000s-C5000s) - Necks Made by ESP - Bodies by Sports Some "A" and "B" plates have been spotted on overseas guitars.Many Kline Graphic Barettas have been seen with the B plates.We are still researching the mystery of the B cast plates.We had previously stated that these were not American Series, but new events have uncovered that this may not to be completely true.The B Cast Plate guitars appear in what would normally be the "F" timeframe for Kramer.Also, I noticed it's got the old style headstock which is cool I guess. Mine is very heavy and some people say they used plywood on some of the bodies. I've heard about the plywood dilemma, but everywhere else says the bodies are maple.

ex: A A1234 Cast overseas plates are smaller in width compared to American Series cast plates.I know there are more appropriate forums about this guitar but the Kramer forum sucks and won't send me the activation email so therefore I cannot post there. Looks like it's in good shape (I have pics of it, just not stored on this computer) and it has a Germain made non-recessed OFR. These serial numbers do not pertain to the new line of Kramers from Musicyo.It also comes with a hardshell case and the guy is letting it go for a whopping 0. The guy isn't really good about staying in contact with me. Here's something that might help with the serial number: Serial Number Identification While there are several places on Vintage Kramer to learn about serial numbers, here is a rundown of serial numbers, with year models and distiguishing characteristics for I. Axxxx - 1980-early '81 Range - A0001-9999 Notes: 1981-82 Strat copy headstocks (A8000s-B2000) - Necks Made by ESP - Bodies by Sports Flat chrome plates Logo, Made in USA and serial number stamped Some "A" and "B" plates have been spotted on overseas guitars.2005 - All reissue models - 050001 Stagemasters and other neck-thru Kramers were "sometimes" serial marked on the headstock since they had no neckplate.Overseas Serials Ferringtons had two letters plus 4 digits...

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