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This theme ranges from edicts like "all employees must wash their hands," to safe handling of electrical equipment.Occupational medicine is focused on the preventing and treating of illnesses and injuries occurring while on the job.Occupational medicine clinics can conduct X-rays and blood testing, and might also be able to refer patients to doctors in the field.Yes, because of the nature of the cases they encounter, doctors of occupational medicine undergo specialized education and training to best equip them with the knowledge of industrial aspects to illness and injury.Injuries and illnesses not considered severe enough for the ER can be treated at occupational medicine clinics.These facilities, like urgent care, specialize in treating lower-tier cases, but which still require immediate attention.A new tea bar has arrived in Cambridge, at least for now, and it’s serving up tea lattes, coffee, and more, with a bit of a tropical vibe.

Beginnings [1] Cambridge, or Newtowne as it was first called, was intended to be the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the residence of its governor and his assistants, and the seat of the General Court. It was accessible to ocean-going vessels, and yet protected from assault by land and sea.

Classic drinks cost and include pour-over coffee, ceylon black tea and milk, and sea salt coffee, plus fruit-ade, fruit lattes, and fruit cream sodas.

UPDATE 12/1/17, 12 p.m.: Abide will be in residence at Middlesex for at least six months, partner Jeffrey Yu confirms, noting “after that anything is possible.” Abide will also do special events and offers catering and delivery of 20 drinks or more.

Occupational medicine was generally referred to as "industrial medicine" before the practice become focused on more than just heavy industries, like oil and gas and manufacturing.

Industrial medicine, as it's understood today, is a refined sub-branch of occupational medicine with an exclusive focus on those settings.

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