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Let’s face it, the part really can’t be too much of a stretch for Sheen who, despite presumably being able to play the role in his sleep, still gets paid a reputed £1.2 million an episode by U. Both sides agree, it seems, that Sheen is in breach of a beefed up ‘morality clause’ inserted into the deal when he re-signed for two more series in May.

When he didn't pay, she returned to the dinner table.

As far back as February this year, Sheen’s brand new Mercedes was found wrecked 400ft down a deep ravine off Mulholland Drive, two miles from his LA home at 4am.

The actor claimed to police that the car had been stolen from his garage when he left the keys in the ignition after returning home late.

His beleaguered spokesman Stan Rosenfield was still insisting to me this week that his client’s hotel rampage, which caused £5,000 damage, was the result of an ‘allergic reaction to medication’.

Meanwhile, his worried manager Mark Burg, who is also an executive producer of Two And A Half Men, is said to be attempting to placate the television network by agreeing that Sheen — who has twice been in rehab this year alone — will now check into a treatment centre again in a public show of contrition. Sheen’s out-of control behaviour has already cost him a lucrative contract with U. underwear firm Hanes, who have dumped him from a high-profile ad campaign.‘The question about whether CBS fire him will come once they have fully been able to gauge the reaction to his latest scandal.

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