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At the same time, the tool also provides you with the related image resources.Whether you are a SEOer, SEMer, content editor or designer, you can get benefits from it.As the rising phase reaches its peak, voltage-gated Na channels are inactivated whereas voltage-gated K channels are activated, resulting in a net outward movement of K ions, which repolarizes the membrane potential towards the resting membrane potential.Repolarization of the membrane potential continues, resulting in an undershoot phase or absolute refractory period.Neurons are diverse with respect to morphology and function.Thus, not all neurons correspond to the stereotypical motor neuron with dendrites and myelinated axons that conduct action potentials.

Briefly, the model states that the generation of an action potential is determined by two ions: Na and K .

Neurons are cells that are specialized to receive, propagate, and transmit electrochemical impulses.

In the human brain alone, there are over eighty billion neurons.

As Na ions enter the cell, the membrane potential is further depolarized, and more voltage-gated sodium channels are activated.

Such a process is also known as a positive feedback loop.

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