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Before that happened, though, Di Nozzo got to meet his daughter Tali, and it took him all of three seconds to completely fall in love with her and alter some of his brain synapses to focus on keeping her safe.As he told Gibbs in their heartfelt basement talk, he’s never been another person’s everything before like he is to Tali now, and he isn’t going to skip out on that.Tony: [In feminine voice] "Honey, does my butt look big in these pants to you? Tyler: [to Tariq] You know, couple of more inches to your right and our "martyr" here could've been living it up with all those vestal virgins. [she turns around, opens her eyes, realizing he's not here and shuts them again] Come back Gibbs. Mike: [to Gibbs] We're getting more alike you and me, Probie. I don't know how you didn't go crazy when you lost your little girl, maybe you did for awhile; maybe you still are. "Abby: [speaking to her computers and devices] Wake up! If anybody is not up to it, I need to know now, not when the Director arrives. [walks up to her stereo and turns up music, then heads back to her computer and breathes in deeply] Ready. Didn't want to say anything, but you got the 'Bama butt going on."Abby: Negative. A coworker with elevator eyes looking you up and down, a coworker shows you a cartoon or photo of a sexual nature. Weapons: Caffeine fueled intellect versus cold silicon based intelligence. (turn around to see Ziva and Mc Gee behind her who are trying not to laugh) Hi. [Gibbs walks out] I mean, that you always know when I find something, and if it is ESP, are you reading my mind, or am I sending you some sort of weird brain thoughts out of my head and into yours? You know, in America I have noticed the use of that word as a code for "if I explain it, you would not agree, therefore I will use the word 'complicated' and hopefully you will stop asking! Okay, I know you guys have been working really hard lately, and I promised that you could have the weekend off, but this sounds like an emergency, so I need everybody to get those electrons flowing!

But that’s definitely what happened, and getting another scene with de Pablo would have been really fricking helpful in reclosing that old wound.The episode did use old footage to show Di Nozzo trying to cope with his loss, but it wasn’t the same.Thankfully, the esteemed agent didn’t actually call it quits until after getting his vengeance.“Family First” definitely gave viewers answers to those questions, though perhaps not exactly as we all would have wished.Ziva is dead and Di Nozzo is now the single dad to their daughter Tali.

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