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Most men don't know what they are doing when they email women and pay for it with unreturned emails. Follow these tips and you will do far better than the average guy. Also, if she shares her name in her dating profile, use it at the beginning of your first message to her. Don't ever tell a woman she's pretty in your first message. Your compliment will come across as a line and you will quickly be dismissed.

Here are a couple of examples: These messages stink. One study found that said men hesitate to email the hottest women on dating sites because of their fear of rejection. If you want to compliment her, focus on her career or lifestyle choices.

A confident man doesn't have to tell a woman how much money he makes, or point out of much of a catch he is, or seeks a woman's approval. I found a perfect opening line; "Can I ask you a question?

It said: "Do you want to go to lunch and a movie tomorrow? She'll pay." Watching Amy Webb's TED talk (in which she details her online dating frustrations⎯until she got all her algorithms right), I was reminded of my own internet adventures before finally meeting my husband on Match in 2006. Calculating debt based on who had caramel in their frappuccino is not. Approaching in the bright orange jacket I'd "borrowed" from a costume shop, I sported a hippy-fringe purse. Chris felt it too, awkwardly standing there in his loafers, pressed slacks, and white oxford.

Here's an example: This poor guy uses the word "if" which means he's seeking her approval. Note how he also commented on her looks which comes across as a line. An even worse approach is to point out your perceived strengths or other qualities to women in your message like this guy: Look at the number of messages this guy sends the woman.

He uses the words "would" and "any" asking for approval. It may have worked for Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire but it doesn't work in online dating.

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He was reading a French-African play⎯upside down (meant as an obscure joke).

With heart palpitating, I played his voicemail message. To them I reply, "If you're offended by this old-fashioned custom, then don't be shy about whipping out your wallet instead." In truth, it doesn't matter who forks over the cash as long as someone does it⎯fully. Taking someone out, being taken out...a rendezvous like this is sexy. There's a reason horny manakin birds do a moon dance and hippos spray their lovers with wet feces. Be happy you're not one of those female mites who kills her mother and brother while breeding. Then dare yourself to get though them all before coffee stains become visible in the cup. Be Exactly Who You are, Though This Means You'll Get Rejected After a slew of emails, Chris and I agreed to meet in front of a museum.

I should have stopped responding, but I was physically attracted to him⎯something that didn't happen often. If you answered yes to any of these, you might need a list of polite questions you can bring along on your dates.

Remember, DON'T COMPLIMENT HER ON HER LOOKS in your fist message.

Don't mention coffee, bars, movies, hikes, anything!

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