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There is even a unicode bengali literature archive Page/bengali.html, and you can find details of fonts etc. On a windows platform, all you need to do is download and install the font following the instructions, and any modern internet explorer will immediately pick it up. You will do everyone a great favour if you move over to unicode encoding on your pages.

Hi, I am Neelam from ,if you remember we have exchanged link previously.

Thanking you , Rajiv Sircar i didn't know that i would be informed about my gradfather through this site. thanx- riju bajaj This tale of Bagchi makes no sense. details of the script,planning to launch will be send later on.

it was surprising to know that how could the authorities not know about the relatives of Mr. This Baba or whatever evidently wants to keep his identity secret so as not to be tried as a war criminal. We are lacking due to proper funding , Its our earnest request to you to fund this project.

That way you can increase your membership instantly. Please advice me how to get some contacts to Netaji's side family members ?

I would certainly like to get in touch with the association sincerely and kindly send me the details for the same. At the end I do beg an apology for hurting anyone's interest through this comment and wish all the best to the Association and all its endeavour. If it is Bengal Edition (I mean, if here we write in Bengali) then it would be more nice and great.

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India is our mother U shud have shame when u speak of type suck contorversial statements PLease remove the statement"Shame India"Its very very offensive.has hurt my feelings Dear Sir, Though I am too young I have a grait respect for "Subhas: The springing tiger".

I have read many articles and some books on him and his work in India and outside India, for Indian Independence.

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