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School districts across the state are counting on the extra funding to improve the equity and adequacy of state funding for education.The Governor’s annual State of the State Address received the usual partisan criticism but it offered plenty of ideas to restore citizen confidence and stem the outmigration from our state.However, the State Board of Education (ISBE) is still reviewing data from school districts that will determine how new money will flow to the districts.ISBE estimates they will have accurate numbers in another month or two and can then start releasing the extra funding.Another reason to invest in education according to the Governor was to stimulate our state’s economy.Investing in education and entrepreneurship can help keep Illinois businesses thriving, creating jobs and give our students and our state the means to compete.

Com Ed is currently seeking approval to pass along approximately 0 million in tax savings through rate cuts to its customers in 2018.

Among the reasons people and businesses are leaving the state, according to the Governor, are high property taxes.

He called for reforms in the assessment process, the right of residents to have a referendum for lowering taxes, and, I might add, increased funding for education that would relieve the property taxpayers’ burden of paying a state obligation.

Perhaps the most important part of the Governor’s speech was when he promised to submit a balanced budget proposal later this month.

A balanced budget would involve cutting spending, getting our pension payments under control, reducing prison costs, streamlining government with technology, and working to eliminate fraud.

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