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The main purpose of the Uttar Pradesh government is to remove entire Uttar Pradesh from open defecation To make Uttar Pradesh a clean one could become clean.

For this, the government is giving funds to all the poor so that they can make the toilets in their own home. If every house has toilets, diseases will be reduced and cleanliness will be done by Uttar Pradesh government 12000 national national national applicants He will put into account so that he can easily create a thought and he will not face any problem.

So now from that day everyone very much aware about the cleanliness and take part in this campaign with the Narendra Modi from last two years.So to take part in this scheme you have to apply for it.Before applying you have to know more about this scheme, how to apply, eligibility criteria etc. Under this scheme the government pay the amount of Rs.12,000/- to the applicant for the construction of the toilet.I don’t know when the smart city would be created.” “My government has given Rs 300 crore as grant for the construction of toilets in cities alone.How can a city become a ‘smart city’ by spending Rs 500 crore on it.

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