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CARRIE Oh, Miranda, please, I haven't figured out all the details yet, but I'm a smart girl and I'm sure I'll figure out something I'm comfortable with. CARRIE (CONT'D) Jealous of me living in this gorgeous penthouse in Manhattan. UPPER FIFTH -- DAY -- SUMMER 7 CARRIE in a sexy, summer dress, spots someone -- waves -- CARRIE (V. As STEVE approaches with Popsicles, they squirt him with the hose. She hurries across the street to meet that SOMEONE... MIRANDA'S BROOKLYN HOUSE/BACKYARD -- DAY -- SUMMER 8 MIRANDA (41) and BRADY (5) are filling an inflatable pool with water from a hose. FIFTH AVENUE BUILDING/LOBBY -- CONTINUOUS 12 Carrie and Big walk through the beautiful lobby and over to the elevator... O.) (CONT'D) Finding the perfect apartment in New York City is like finding the perfect partner. JUMP CUT TO: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and SAMANTHA walk along; LAUGHING -- their shopping bags and designer purses swinging. CARRIE'S APARTMENT -- NIGHT -- WINTER 5 The front of Carrie's building. CLOSE ON the computer screen -- Written on it: "Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha..." CARRIE (V. CARRIE'S APARTMENT -- DAY -- SPRING 6 CLOSE ON: A colorful CHICK LIT book cover: "A Single Life" by Carrie Bradshaw. CARRIE'S BULIDING -- CONTINUOUS 5A Carrie at her desk - typing.

JUMP CUT TO: Carrie, Charlotte and MIRANDA walk along talking. O.) Year after year, my single girlfriends were my salvation. UPPER FIFTH AVE -- SAME -- SUMMER 11 Carrie walks over and into the arms of that SOMEONE -- it's MR. They turn and start into the classic apartment building. The young women reveal: CARRIE BRADSHAW (41) and fabulous -- walking towards us. She watches them as they pass, a SMILE grows on her face.

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