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Some items on Beliefnet may not reflect the views of Doers of the Word Church, Pastor Ernie Sanders, and “What’s Right, What’s Left, the Voice of the Christian Resistance,” all of whom promote this Watchwoman on the Wall blog on their web site and radio program.

I search the Internet for items that ought to serve as a warning to Americans and Christians all through America, but the nation seems to be sleeping. You are losing your freedoms, your children and your country. Item #1 of 2 [caption id="attachment_28130" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Guns save more lives protecting the innocent and victims of crime than any mainstream news outlet has ever told you about! Calvin's Commentary: The following story and video is about a young 18-year old teenager, Sadie Jensen, with a debilitating, life-threatening, incurable, life-long illness and a service dog named Bailey. KNOW HOW THE MUSLIMS CAN GET PEOPLE TO STOP FEARING THEM? JUST QUIT BLOWING UP CHRISTIANS AND OTHER PEOPLE AND BUILDINGS!

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we who forge non ferrous metals for jewelry like a mirror finish face, so I likely will polish this one up & use it happily for the rest of my days That looks like a fairly thin waist on that anvil.

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