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According to multiple reports, the actor, who played Martin Crane for 11 seasons on the beloved show, died in Chicago while in hospice care on Sunday.

LONDON (AP) -- A British judge on Tuesday upheld a U. arrest warrant for the Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange, leaving his legal position unchanged after more than five years inside the Ecuadorean Embassy....HONOLULU (AP) -- When an erroneous alert was sent out last month telling people in Hawaii that there was an incoming ballistic missile, Jeffrey Wong was an island away from the state's emergency management agency office where he works as an operations officer....Female clubs caught up in Harvard's 2016 ban on single-sex organizations may get a grace period or be allowed to define themselves as "gender-focused," due to murky deadlines and conflicting information -- but male clubs who defy the order are being hit with sanctions.(NM) Bevor hier der Drunkenmonday Rotwein des Jahres enthüllt wird, vielleicht ein paar Worte darüber, was ein Rotwein des Jahres haben muss, um die Krone aufgesetzt zu bekommen.Erst einmal sollte er getrunken und nicht nur auf einer Messe oder einem Event probiert werden.

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    De récentes découvertes en 2017 suggèrent que l'origine de l'homme moderne n'est pas en Afrique orientale ou australe mais en Afrique du Nord.