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Two fingers pinching one of her nipples, two fingers inserted in her cunt rubbing on either side of her g-spot. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and tried my best to catch every bit of fluid; I had never known Sarah to have such a gusher, but I did my best to get it all.

I was thinking to myself, "Damn, I'll need to remember that Jack Daniels next time I go down on her." My cock was like a steel pillar at that point, I was hoping I could last more than a few minutes before blowing a load that was building up for the three days I was gone.

When Sarah came along, all that ended with our first kiss.

We started dating my senior year and Sarah was a junior.

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Not that I'm the best catch in the world, I'm no George Clooney, but I was good enough looking with a good enough body to always have a date on the weekends with a good looking lady.I design and install server systems for small to midsize companies.Although not a mega-millionaire, I pull down six figures and our family lacks for little in the way of material pleasures.As my fingers reached the crack of her ass, I smiled because she wasn't wearing any underwear. I played with her ass a bit and reached the other hand around to the front. The whole time Sarah was moaning, grabbing my hair and leaking fluids. I reached over, took a sip of the Jack Daniels and while keeping it in my mouth, started back on her clit.The Jack produced a slight burning tingle on my tongue, which meant it was doing the same thing to her clit. I kept enough Jack in my mouth to keep the heat on her clit and then the coup de grace.

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