Updating gridview rows using sqldatasource

When clicked, a postback ensues and the Grid View s property is updated to the index of the row whose Select button was clicked.

In the Master/Detail Using a Selectable Master Grid View with a Details Detail View tutorial, we saw how to use this feature to display details for the selected Grid View row.

But our logical files are not always unique (like our history files).

So, what do we do to get them into the VB application and possibly update them?

NET, JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB, green screen, etc.) I would recommend using physical files whenever possible.The Button Type property specifies the type of button to be displayed in the Grid View control. There are a lot of shops like mine where one or two people are responsible for everything and we are very busy trying to learn new technologies and push the business forward. It will eventually replace 90 percent of the green-screen menu driven system we currently use. NET and DB2 work together before I start building a lot on top of the base program.Having a unique index or primary key constraint will give you the benefits of better query optimization and will allow some of the .NET data wizards to automatically identify the unique key columns for you.

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