Updating updatepanel from javascript

Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

Whether it's a full or partial Postback, the Life Cycle events will be the same, which I already discussed in my previous article.

Chris Ok I answered part of my own question :) I added a 'Select' tag inside the Info HTML. Number Decimal Separator = "."; // New if (Is Numeric(p Num Value)) else I hope you will use this in next release, or make your own type of code ;)I think most of the people know how to read an sql table and load values in variable. I didn't want to make my sample to tightly bind with SQL Database.

Sure would appreciate a small example; I've been struggling with this one for days.

Regards, Geert Veenstra Hi Shabdar, I upgraded to your new v1.5 control, so far it looks great. Thanks In Advance, James I solved the problem by also adding the Google Map Api file to my project. But when I have two or more icons when i am dragging some of them the dragged before the last go to the "old" place and in the table the "old coordinates" are stored. First do not use Inline Script = "true" as shown above. can u show me a sample test page where database connection is used and the database design too.. I have two questions.1-Can I use this without webservice? In my part of the world (Kenya) we get some pretty lousy internet connections. Any one please advice or guide me to any URL..doumentation please..

In v.1.4 I had added G_PHYSICAL_MAP map type, enable Double Click Zoom, and enable Scroll Wheel Zoom, and all worked great. I have built Google Maps before inside plain HTMl but I am having problems making the transition to the ASP. Do you have any full examples of say how to implement a click to create a marker (I see the function in the included file) because I don't know how to 'wire' it all together in this environment. I have to remember the latitude and longitude of the icons in sql table. The GService is undefined error was being caused by the fact I was doing a url rewrite for the pages in the Application_Begin Request which was causing the errors with Index Of(".asmx") == -1) Hope this may help someone out as it took me quite some time to figure it out. Thanks, Dave I noticed the following behavior in your example "Google Map with Draggable pushpins" when you zoom in and move the pushpin to a new location the map will zoom out to the original zoom level. I have tried to set the zoomlevel (Google Map For ASPNet1. Zoom Level) to different values in different places of the script - load page area (doesnt seem to change the zoomlevel) - in On Pushpin Moved It seems that it still will go back to the original zoomlevel Any suggestions how to fix this? *is it possible for me to convert a text file with lat and lang to a organized XML file. and 2-I want a image from DBase along with text to b displayed in a bubble that comes when user click the pin. When a connection fails partway the javascript fails at if(GBrowser Is Compatible()) Now I can either move this into a try..catch block, or test that the function is instantiated first with if(GBrowser Is Compatible) I need to bubble this error up into an error event for the control that I can handle in the calling program. I keep getting a 'request timed out' error when entering Seattle, WA in the Google Point address property. thanks venky hi , thanks alot for this rich resource my question is :- what code shoud i add in c# here to read google maps offline as i have foder called Map i downlood all maps offline with all api of js than i want to write some thing in C# mean return "/Map" zoom "/" coord.x "/" coor.y ".png" I got an API Key from Google and put in the web.config. I have one problem I am not getting the right precision while reverse geocoding by entering Latitude and Longitude which i am getting exact place using Google Maps Website.

The length of the string exceeds the value set on the max Json Length property. However, if I want to click on specific street or house in the neighborhood, the Map Clicked function doesn't fire anymore after the previous three postback. However, it will not compile and gives these errors: Type 'Samples_Simple Map With Moving Push Pins' already defines a member called 'Page_Load' with the same parameter types Type 'Map With Auto Moving Pushpins' already defines a member called 'Timer1_Tick' with the same parameter types Type 'Map With Auto Moving Pushpins' already defines a member called 'Page_Load' with the same parameter types The type or namespace name 'Google Object' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference? I have tried to create a new project with API 1.92 but all in vain can anybody assist us asap us. I have some trouble when I open two or more pages with maps.

Regards, Geert Veenstra Hi Shabdar Has anyone taken a look a the GStreetview Overlay in order to provide a map 'street view'?

The server-side code records the selection and changes the marker icon color. Redirect("default.aspx")Hey, this is very useful and i love that you can dynamically set the push pins by longitude and latitude, but is there a way of setting them by a postcode? Hi In denmark we use "," as the default seperator, but the converter function use systemet setting, it must be hardcodet to use "." as Seperator. Is it possible to hide the map control on the page and then show it on the click of a Button ?

When clicked, it fires a server-side event and passes the marker's id. The only work around I have found is to do a post-back --Response. That's the reason I didn't include it in my samples as well.

Nested panels are useful when you want to be able to refresh specific regions of the page separately and refresh multiple regions at the same time. This causes the outer panel not to refresh its page region if only the inner panel is refreshing.

However, if the outer panel is refreshed, the nested panels are refreshed also.

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