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Brandon Ingram led the starters with 19 points, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope added 14.The Warriors took an 85-84 lead into the fourth quarter and stretched it to seven in the opening minutes of the period, but the Lakers stayed close as they did in an overtime loss against the visiting Warriors on Nov. Ingram tied the score at 102-102 on a drive with 27 seconds left in regulation, and Durant and Caldwell-Pope missed shots in the final seconds.ZAZ made a stab at writing dialogue for the jive scene, giving it as much authenticity as three nice Jewish boys from Milwaukee could muster. Club's oral history, "They immediately had the part and we had to apologize for what we had written."Al White also wrote jive dialogue for Barbara Billingsley—aka June Cleaver—and coached her through it. "Leslie Nielsen, who went on to star in "The Naked Gun" and other comedies, still carried his fart machine many years after "Airplane!But when Al White and Norman Alexander Gibbs auditioned for roles of the Jive Dudes, they were ready with dialogue of their own. At his request, she chatted on the phone with his mom, who was a fan of "Leave It to Beaver." Billingsley later came to see White in a play and wrote him a note afterward. "She really was lovely."Helen Reddy, best known for "I Am Woman" and a veteran of "Airport 1975," was the original pick to play the nun. " Its German title, for example, translated as "The Incredible Trip in a Crazy Airplane." In Brazil, it was "Tighten Your Seatbelts … " was released, even when promoting the DVD for the film. ZAZ had to obtain special permission from the Bee Gees to speed up the song. " spoofs the "disaster" films of the '70s, its movie references run the gamut from "Jaws" to "From Here to Eternity," which inspired the seaweed-strewn make-out scene (shot, incidentally, on the beach where Charlton Heston discovers the Statue of Liberty in "Planet of the Apes").None of the directors had seen "Eternity," but they had to know this iconic scene: All three were devoted readers of Mad magazine.

Julius Randle then made one of two free throws to tie the score at 114-114 with 28 seconds left, setting up Durant's go-ahead jumper.

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You know it’s going to be a good episode when it opens with Rachel Lindsay hanging out with her adorable dog, Copper, who is the real MVP this season. We’re hosting a #Lexi Exposed De Mario party, and everyone’s invited. Luckily for this largely underwhelming group of contestants, Hollywood’s most treasured couple was there to provide us with all of the entertainment we needed.

They’re also huge fans of Rachel, hence how they ended up on her first group date this week, in which they hosted a “husband material” obstacle course that put the guys to the test with highly intense challenges such as changing a diaper, strapping a baby into a Baby Björn, vacuuming and setting a table. One by one, the guy in last place after each challenge was banished to the dog house, until there were just two contestants left: Kenny and Lucas. He also Whaboomed in front of Ashton and Mila, so he can probably kiss his Hollywood career goodbye.

Ah, just when we thought we had finally gotten rid of the bad guy in a single episode.

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